First history Dance Convention FRAME UP STRIP CONVENTION!

A huge upgrade for Frame Up dancers and everyone who wants to become professionals! The only way to become a certified teacher of the Frame Up strip style and to become its representative in your city!

January 2-7, Moscow

We have prepared an event that in just 6 days will give you as much development in our style and not only how much you will not get anywhere else.

The FRAME UP CONVENTION Convention is:

— 39 hours of DIFFERENT dances (different Frame Up, High Heels, other styles from hop to kramp),
— 4 unique lectures to improve dance and teaching skills,
— Work and chat with 17 of the best choreographers,
— 5 completely different dance days: base, strip, hills, difficult vocabulary, other styles,
— Opportunity (if desired) to pass the exam and become a certified Frame Up teacher.

This is the best investment in their development for everyone who is seriously involved in the strip and wants to teach or already teaches, and also wants to develop our style in their cities.

We will not rest and hang out, this is an event for the completely danced :) Who wants a hardcore and is ready to invest a lot of energy in order to be 100 levels better! The richest program that every day will open a new universe of the dance world.

Study the schedule, register and get ready to start 2020 with a full dance reboot!