Important information

Dear dancers, we are happy to present to you the new project that we have prepared for a long time! It is a big CONVENTION to develop Frame Up Strip dance style and find people who are ready and deserve to present our style all over the world!

Convention takes 6 days, 5 of which you dance a lot and listen to lectures. The 6th day you can try to show your choreo to get the official certificate of Frame Up Strip practitioner (if you want to)!

There will be not only choreos during our convention but also theory how to develop our dance style!

If you attend all the classes during our convention it does't mean that you will become Frame Up Strip practitioner! Those who will become them will be chosen by our choreographers. They will judge yous solo choreography that you present during the exam.
There will be no competition or something like this. You come to the room and show your dance, we talt to you and after this choreographers decide if you are ready or not. Results will be announced in the end of the day. If you are said 'yes' then you will get the certificate the same day.

The certificate remains in force during one year, it means that every year you should prove that you really develop yourself, develop your students and our style. Certificate is with official logo with your name and exclusive. Also you will get post in Frame Up social networks accounts and your name will be published on Frame Up website.

People who just want to attend the classes are also welcome! The list of teachers, classes and lectures is amazing! The price is cheaper for you!

Dear dancers, don't forget! Even if you son't get the certificate or you don't want to get it or come to the convention it doesn't mean you cannot dance that style! But!
Only people that have that certificate can officially teach Frame Up Strip and use the logo and its name! It will be controlled!

We want our style to develop and everybody has an opportunity to become a practitioner! You don't need to be an unreal dancer to get it! We will take into account the place where you come from!
We want our style to be everywhere and more and more people dance it!